Friday, February 26, 2010

Sing of the Jungle

Sad when my 3 year old pronounced "Lions live in cages." Do they live in cages?

Gregory Bateson says "the unit of survival is a flexible organism-in-its-environment". Bateson's definition of unit means that the lion in the cage is not a full unit. The caged 'lion' is not whole but part. The whole of her includes the bloods and sweats, the squeals and howls and peeps, the airs and flits and trembles, the opens and shapes and shifts that fully ignite her perceptual apparatus evolved in relation with those same signals.

The caged organism we call 'lion' experiences almost none of these multisensorial stimuli. She has been extracted from her environment and cannot act as a lion has evolved to act. She cannot 'lion'. Her 'lioning', which involves the skin and muscle 'lion' interacting on all sensory levels within the system in which 'lion' evolved, is implied. But in the cage, only a part of that interacting lion system is represented. The caged lion is in physical fact a biological metonym.


Blogger Nicholas O. Splendorr said...

Are you the sprigomint who pen-petrated the poems here:


If so!
A resounding lantern mentioned you to me - the eminence of most spacious yipyaps. Really roomy in there, which of course is just his shell, or just his heart, but not his houl. In(ternet)quiries yielded only six poems on two pages, and they were real firecrackers. I thought: "Find her! Cracked my core!" Not to overpraise upfront. Further searches suggest a name-change changed again. Is this that / art thou thoo?

Suffice: I'm very interested in reading more of your poems. Have located the relevant Amazon.commerce pages. I somehow live in Athens, where you may have been once, and I write poems and must write to you, even if we have nothing further to say to each other. But as I intend to receive many words from you-as-published, here are a few from me. From a poet who's been scraving and stamping for vivid, living poetry, and found a few with your name emblazoned 'bove 'em. Gobs of bliss to you, for that.

If, in fact, you were once a peppermint. If not, carry on as if I never was. If so: Thanks. The buzzers can carrion without us.


9:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Well howdy there! Thank ye kind ye! 'Tis the one and the many once demented now gone tamely namely staid pulls. Was looking for the Promised Penned--where your poems do be Nicholas O' Splendoriferous? Am excited to read--your verve vives!

You're in Athens--as in GA? I hum and hack there now, actual factual! Wracked at UGA for grad exams. What do you hear thou wordly wonderer?


6:48 PM  
Anonymous Kitchen Benchtops said...

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