Saturday, October 31, 2009

all codes lead to roam

On the floor, Lara Glenum has gone Multimedia! She and her husband collaborator Josef, the two of whom previously collaborated on some innovative translations we had the privilege of publishing in our few runs of Parakeet, are now presenting multimedia collaborations, with an installation just opening in Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center in Buffalo, NY. Moon o moon, I wish I could check this out in person. I remember Josef making music in their apartment back in Athens and wondering at his multifacted creative energies (he has culinary, musical, and literary gifts) and now wow these two are getting the pulse of the now, me thinks.

On another note, Lara's work is, I better realize after having lived in Ireland, among many things, so particularly American, and Southern, o gothic course. She's clearly working from European influences, especially Eastern European. But there's something about the private mythology and the characters' hubris and the gore, combined with the assertion of free speech and personal freedom in both the aesthics described and enacted, along with the tornado at the heart, that just reminds me of home sickle home.


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