Monday, December 21, 2009

all codes lead to roam

Have been reading Patrick Pritchett's reviews, of Rachel Blau DuPlessis's Drafts for example. Here's a quote: " The order of the world in Drafts may be predicated on loss, but it’s a loss that’s redeemed by its being folded over into a capacious, labyrinthine process of response that turns the never-ending occasion of depletion into a recurring event of plenitude."

O, yes! Such a lovely concise translation! Find him wonderfully layered and insightful, articulate and descriptive.

Here below is a sample of one of his poems, Song of Degrees

Because the maneuvers of decay sift astral logics
& you must resist taxonomy.
Because a catalogue of cause & effect
is also a secret description of wonder.
Because to speak in a normal voice signals a waver of intent.
Speak therefore
as other.
Weird module of sound
fabric for the caustic of days.

--this blogger doth love his intermixing of times via dictions, and those lines fini:

'Weird module of sound
fabric for the caustic of days.'

Now how's that for a descriptive ars poetica....


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