Tuesday, December 29, 2009

listening to lists glistening

Assembling comps lists and today working on the form and craft list and am momentarily focused on procedural poetics, though may go broader with something like 'assemblage'--which means I could put my list on my list. Meanwhile Harry Matthews doth arise. Hear hear! This gorgeous passage from a story written by Matthews using only the words found in 46 proverbs:

"Another morning, another egg. The sky was up early. It had rained all night: to you and me sleeping, the storm was a delight. In the east, morning clouds are building a kingdom of red and silver. Time for you to get up! Come into the kingdom of morning delight and come as king! Come into the omelet of morning delight, and come as egg!"

I love 'Come into the kingdom of morning delight and come as king!' Seems a vivifying greeting. I'm going to try it on J this a.m. Ought to be innerzesting.

Also unearthed this past event, 'A landscape beyond the brink of I' Ahive is the wish to have attended.


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