Monday, December 28, 2009

all codes lead to roam

i really hikes the phrase 'permaculture poetics' created and discussed and lit by eric magrane.

in ecopoetics 2.9.2, james sherry has discussed what he calls 'environmental poetics', a similar idea that calls for a con-verse-ation between New Criticism and Innovative/Experimental approaches to poetry--an egg's-cept-stance of both, diversity. i think both writers are pointing to a similar development in american poetry--a convergence of experimentalism, lyricism, and ecological awareness.

yet the designation 'environmental poetics' reinforces linguistically, (which is to say cognitively, which is to say reinscribes a type of consciousness) the binary of inner and outer, as it points to 'environment', which is outer and so the background of the idea is inner. 'environment' does have an interesting etymology--according to one etymology site, "'virer' is related to the Latin verb 'vibrare'- to shake, brandish - which gives all the words to do with vibration - and even, to some sources, is related to the word 'wife'"

so you could say 'environmental poetics' is the poetics of vibrating shaking wifely brandishing mentations. which is cool as a cucumber's umbrage.

yet i prefer 'permaculture poetics' because inner and outer are suggested as permeable with the conflation of gardening and writing. the act of writing is articulated as a type of cultivation, the mind the ground for tilling/telling, and i also like the evocation of a word that's both verb and noun, 'garden', which unsettles the meaning and suggests dynamic process rather than only static categorization.

yet 'permaculture poetics' does evoke a call for a certain type of praxis--evokes proscription, whereas 'environmental poetics' feels more descriptive, a gentler hoe to row.

it sheens that yer 'permaculture poetics' designator

has a new webzine 'spiral orb' due to breathe spun in spring

innerfesting times we hive in.


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