Tuesday, October 16, 2007

maid public

hey bloggerissimo, ifen you're innerested, follow these links to read a couple of poems from dog girl which have appeared at poetry daily and verse daily.

yup, dog girl is now available from ahsahta. scroll down on the left, and you can read a bit about the book.

was out and about in dublin today, grafton street, the commercial hub. got a feel, as opposed to an intellectual understanding, for the collage poem as an urban form. so much information juxtaposed. the glimpses. the cobblestones. the glassdoors opening. the pop music popping. the couple eating a burger. the big clock. the escalators. the mature blonde woman sitting on a stool with one eye made-up and the other not. her unsmiling. clicking heels on hard surfaces. the sunlight through the showers. the showers on skin. blue through the clouds. it'll be chock-a-block in the file-shop of dreamland tonight.


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Hi Heidi,
Nice blog!
See you soon!

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