Wednesday, August 22, 2007

i spy an i

for some reason, my computer doesn't allow me to post on blogger. now this blogger doth stealthy get onto her amour's laptop and says howdy to you.

here, we're still in the process of relocating to dublin. have gotten a house and now must pack these dishes and haul these booties on up. looking for world too the move.

curious what the poetry scene/s will be like. here in wexford, i've belonged to a group and found that generally poets tend to write less from their biography. which is something i knew from reading international poetries. but somehow i experience that fact differently as a workshop participant. i've been bringing in some personal lyrics and they contrast with the historical and nature-focused and community focused poems brought in by most of the other poets. my recent tendency toward the personal lyrics seem not only american but also protestant in their individualism. stray range stir angst stars sang to feel rather than merely intellectually understand the self's constructedness.

ooooh bloggerissimo, dog girl is now available for preorder! h


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