Friday, May 18, 2007

access a bill (and a barbara)

just taught a poetry workshop for the local library here. 'twas part of a festival called bealtaine--it's a national festival celebrating creativity in older people. i choose to teach barbara ras and william stafford because they both published first books in their late forties, because many of their poems suit the festival's theme (forever begin), and because they are accessible. we read "rhapsody today," and "you can't have it all" by ras and "you reading this, be ready," "being eighty," "choosing a dog," "any morning," and "climbing toward the river" by stafford. folks loved these poems. said they now love poetry. that who knew poetry could be so pleasurable. we had a great chat about trying to experience and appreciate each moment as new, a subject both poets write about. tried to rouse ourselves into commiting to watching the day break every morning, like stafford. once sophie gets into a regular sleep pattern, i think i'll give it a go. but then i'm reminded of stafford saying, "are you waiting for better thoughts?" in other words, get off your duff, quit making excuses, time enough for sleep when you're gone.


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