Sunday, August 28, 2005

all codes lead to roam

If you fall down and feel the opposite of tickled,
Dust your self off and get into Tost's The Fascicle

Thursday, August 25, 2005

all codes lead to roam

O my bloggerissimo, want a good read?
Well! Here's the new La Petite Zine!
The John Staples work be sure and check out.
That's my man. The Monsieur! That's what I'm talkin' about!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

all codes lead to roam

like to browse selby's list?
here's another just such a gift

Monday, August 22, 2005

all codes lead to roam

Birth of an Angel
by Barbara Korun

I gave birth out of a swelling on my breast, my third breast,
long hidden under scarves and shawls. It hurt as it came. He
helped me with his broad hands, he who husks out the shape
of souls. I saw a small being, the size of a fist, covered all over
with down, white and sticky. First you must let it dry, he said,
warming the creature between his big fingers. I could see as it
dried that this tiny being was wrapped in wings much bigger
than itself. It didn’t live, it couldn’t, it didn’t want to live. Apparition,
sea-foam, it melted in our hands.

translated by Theo Dorgan

Sunday, August 21, 2005

all codes lead to roam

by Monika Rinck

says he: grief is a pond.
says i: yes, grief is a pond.
because grief lies in a hollow,
recking and shot through with fish.
says he: and guilt is a pond.
says i: yes, guilt’s a pond, too.
because guilt sloshes about in a hole
already reaching the flattened pit
of my stiffly upstretched arm.
says he: deceit is a pond.
says i: yes, deceit is also a pond.
because on summer nights you can
picnic on the banks of deceit
and something always gets left behind.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

all codes lead to roam

Want to meet some poets from far away
But can't meet the fares for taking the plane?

Here's a sight, maybe you already know it,
Bloggerissimo meet Many Fine Poets,
Many Fine Poets, Bloggerissimo!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

all codes lead to roam

When life gets you in a head rut,
You just need a little Coconut!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

a rose is aroused unto cheered

O my bloggerissimo, many of you have expressed your sympathy on this blog, through email or through mailmail. Notes, cards and books have brightened our lives and brought much needed cheer to my husband and me during a dark time. Thank you. The anchor you.

Recently, John and I were diverting ourselves with some Irish music--guitar, accordion, fiddle and pipe--at Kitty Hoynes, a local Irish pub when a young woman came in and started dancing and making happy rowdy with her date. They laughed and cheered and swung around to the reels and jigs. Then another woman came in selling roses. The dancer quickly bought two arms full of roses and then made her hurray around the room handing roses out to all the other women in the place. (sorry guys!) The room bright with full of smiling women and smiling looking on men and dotted with white yellow coral red fragrant roses. Thank you young woman dancer girl awhirl. And thank you all for your plan bloom acts of kindness kindred kin.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

from the desk of wilma's butler

What hovers this dawn fallen enough all was this ache's horse breaths flung long in a vale.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

all codes lead to roam

O my bloggerissimo, in the rain and strain, in the weep waters depths, one dear pool and bounty pool creatures do move. This from spun such a sun:

Octopus #6 has arrived and it is not like the others.

"The poetry side of the plate is filled only with 16 promising young hot shot poets in the very earliest stages of their long careers-—for some of these 16, this is their first publication. 8 poems from each poet are included so that the reader can get a more complete representation of the work. And each selection is introduced, each poet endorsed, by a more established poet.

The ones giving the introductions: D.A. Powell, Dan Beachy-Quick, Matthew Rohrer, Heidi Lynn Staples, Jonah Winter, Matthew Zapruder, Dara Wier, Andrea Baker, Wayne Chambliss, Tony Tost, Donald Revell, David Lehman, John Koethe, Timothy Liu, Chris Vitiello, and Dean Young.

The young hot shot poets: Heather Christle, Alessandro Niero, Bill Cassidy, Betsy Wheeler, Joe Fletcher, Andrew McCarron, Brian Howe, Geoffrey Babbitt, Jill Beauchesne, Brian Dewan, Ethan Bull, Farah Marklevits, Danny Khalastchi, Randall Williams, Caryl Pagel, and Michael Quattrone.

Also check out REVIEWS from Brandon Downing's "Dark Brandon" by Brandon Shimoda,  Michael Ives' "The External Combustion Engine" by Kathleen Ossip, Standard Schaefer's "Water & Power" by Allyssa Wolf, and Heidi Lynn Staples' "Guess Can Gallop" by Brad Flis, and an ESSAY on Gregory Corso by Matt Hart.

And RECOVERY PROJECTS on Edith Sodergran's "Complete Poems" by Johannes Goransson and Pam Rehm's "The Garment in Which No One Had Slept" by Stan Mir.

And don't forget: our reading period is the month of August. Send us your best, or else you'll have to wait again until next year. Enjoy." --Zachary Schomburg, editor, Octopus