Friday, January 08, 2010

all codes lead to roam

hello bloggerissimo. here, gearing up to start reading a delicious ecopoetics list. yey.

tho' yesterday was hell no mirth. went to re-register so i could check out the heap o' words from the library. and wound up having to traipse across the yes gorgeous yet hilly and wide wide way of the UGA campus with her babuness in tow. she wanted to stop at every flag (those flag's that landscapers place around the place) and dally and dilly. so we did.

then we'd arrive at our destination, and i'd be locked out by invisible computer bureaucraps and so we had to re-traipse and re-dilly and re-dally.

at the end of it all, dinner-time, armload of books and eager grin and light heart at the desk....

nope. not registered. needed to get back into the program and click something or computer bureaulaspe. pin number no working even tho' it IS the number i got re-assigned when retraipsing. o couldn't take those tomes home.

at'em again today.

meanwhile, for those like myself who may have missed many great things many times, here's a link to No Impact Man (NIM). the ever-lovely and innerfesting Lisa Jarnot points out that NIM quotes Jung and says she prefers ecoscience to ecomysticism. maybe that's a bit quick on the flaw?

the science of basic motivational and educational psychology suggests that giving an individual power over their own engagement will produce a more active and creative and lasting engagement--which is what NIM's quotations suggest to me.

which is not to say that the invocation of ecomysticism is a flaw. it is to say that babuness hath declared this post complete:

"Mommy, could I have a popstickle? Popstickle's are not scary Mommy. They're not."

thanks to lisa jarnot and her lucid posts and quotes on unschooling, i did a quick search for unschooling here in athens, ga and lo' and breathe bold, freedom to ungrow school. moost innerfesting!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

all codes lead to roam

Dew flings wonder's full sings lover at Action Books Quarterly.

Par example:

from "Ants" in Minimal Animals
by Daniel Canty

Ant: minimal animal, we only consider you from on high. Walking on foot is a lesson in involuntary cruelty. On lawns or sidewalks, we crush the ant without knowing, abstract stilt walkers, incarnate and horrific motions of a sky the ant does not even imagine, mobile figures of the terror of being...