Tuesday, August 16, 2005

a rose is aroused unto cheered

O my bloggerissimo, many of you have expressed your sympathy on this blog, through email or through mailmail. Notes, cards and books have brightened our lives and brought much needed cheer to my husband and me during a dark time. Thank you. The anchor you.

Recently, John and I were diverting ourselves with some Irish music--guitar, accordion, fiddle and pipe--at Kitty Hoynes, a local Irish pub when a young woman came in and started dancing and making happy rowdy with her date. They laughed and cheered and swung around to the reels and jigs. Then another woman came in selling roses. The dancer quickly bought two arms full of roses and then made her hurray around the room handing roses out to all the other women in the place. (sorry guys!) The room bright with full of smiling women and smiling looking on men and dotted with white yellow coral red fragrant roses. Thank you young woman dancer girl awhirl. And thank you all for your plan bloom acts of kindness kindred kin.


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