Wednesday, May 25, 2005

maid public

Here at Gabe Gudding's blog be some photos o the Carrboro poetry festival. 'Twas amazing. Folks genuine friendly, smart, full o verve and invention. Tho' Gabe don't identify this blogger, 'tis me in the audience behind Christian Bok, Reb Livingston and Amy King (she's giving high peace signs). I'm wearing the sleeveless shirt and smily and for some reason the digital photo makes my nose into a leg-sized appendage. Ah, well. Sadly, so sigh o I missed the Saturday readings and party and o sadly sigh. Car trouble terrible sigh sadly o. Tho'! Sunday readings and party and o skies high! Readings great to hear, much humor in the poetry--sound files soon! Later talks with Amy King, Standard Shafer and Linh Dinh about perception in poetry, the sustainability (lack of) of an ecstatic state in contemporary society, and the role of humor in poetry. Talks with Lee Ann Brown about her new projects and her Miranda and writing as a new mom and the love that generates. Talks with Ken Rumble and his amazing K fiancee about risk and mindfulness in poetry in loving in living. Many muchly gratitude now alive in this here blogger for all these folks and especially festival organizer Patrick Herron who gave us all this experience and memory. Plain ol' inspiring! And's pouring!

Friday, May 20, 2005

maid public

For the good folk at Unpleasant Event Schedule went representin' to the New Jersey Lit Mag Fest. This blogger with poet-pal Farah Marklevits and we did have a good ol' time. Got muchly lost on the NJ highway then finally arrived to a packed house. Second library reading o' this blogger's and them's a goodly and interesting crowddrawer! Each poet read for five minutes and 'twas a lot of great range of voices, styles, tones and got to chat and hear read with Shafer Hall and fellow unpleasant eventeur Christian Peet and gots a copy of The LIterary Review and am very excitedly reading it. Muchly recommended. And ran into a former MFA-mate Ben David and followed him in his I want to steal it bright redorange convertible Karmaghia to a place of great falafel, spinach pies and rice.

This evening this blogger's off to read at the Carrboro Poetry Festival. Am very much looking forward to meeting folks with whom I've corresponded, like Patrick Herron, Reb Livingston, and Ken Rumble, and to hearing folks read, esp. Lee Ann Brown and Harryette Mullen. I will bring my digital and this time I promise to report back with photos words and such! Plus, a stop at Athenstown and on to Ma's in Florida. Now, for the three day drive...

Thursday, May 12, 2005

guests kin gallipots, re: views

For all innerested bloggerissimoes, Guess Can Gallop has been reviewed at Constant Critic by Joyelle McSweeney.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

all codes lead to roam

The new How2 be out! --and, among others, new work by fellow former Athenian, that ludic longing lyric strongbird Laura Solomon!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

amazon gots neat new thingie

Amazon gots starting up neat new Concordance thingie for books.

These are the 100 most frequently used words in Sabrina Orah Mark's The Babies

according  against  agreed  am  among  animals  arc  arms  asa  ask  asked  babies  beatrice  beautiful  behind  birds  black  blouse  call  called  climb  cold  collector  come  dark  day  dead  describe  down  end  even  ever  everything  eyes  father  feel  first  foxed  gerta  girl  goat  goes  good  hair  hands  head  hear  hole  ii  inside  knows  large  last  left  little  look  love  mama  mania  mean  meant  mildly  mother  mouth  myself  name  new  nie  night  nothing  old  once  others  papers  place  pockets  real  red  robot  room  ryas  said  saw  say  see  small  song  story  take  tell  terrible  thing  time  touch  vulnerable  walter  want  world  writes  yes 

These are the 100 most frequently used words in this blogger's GCG:

am  appeared  awe  between  bird  bitch  body  brand  buy  cell  chose  come  coming  day  down  dream  end  eye  fall  fare  fish  flare  flesh  flight  flowers  fly  forgets  get  girl  give  got  grown  heat  heidi  hills  home  ii  ill  joke  juice  king  knot  know  lea  light  lit  lore  man  memory  men  mind  mirror  moan  mot  name  native  nor  now  oh  open  ore  own  perverse  play  rose  said  sand  say  sea  see  sex  shun  sings  sir  sky  someone  somethings  son  sum  sun  surface  sweet  take  thing  till  time  toward  tree  true  two  used  water  wet  whore  win  wind  word  world  ye  yet 

O my bloggerissimo, I did try to get more o these songs for ye, but the thingie seems newly.