Wednesday, May 25, 2005

maid public

Here at Gabe Gudding's blog be some photos o the Carrboro poetry festival. 'Twas amazing. Folks genuine friendly, smart, full o verve and invention. Tho' Gabe don't identify this blogger, 'tis me in the audience behind Christian Bok, Reb Livingston and Amy King (she's giving high peace signs). I'm wearing the sleeveless shirt and smily and for some reason the digital photo makes my nose into a leg-sized appendage. Ah, well. Sadly, so sigh o I missed the Saturday readings and party and o sadly sigh. Car trouble terrible sigh sadly o. Tho'! Sunday readings and party and o skies high! Readings great to hear, much humor in the poetry--sound files soon! Later talks with Amy King, Standard Shafer and Linh Dinh about perception in poetry, the sustainability (lack of) of an ecstatic state in contemporary society, and the role of humor in poetry. Talks with Lee Ann Brown about her new projects and her Miranda and writing as a new mom and the love that generates. Talks with Ken Rumble and his amazing K fiancee about risk and mindfulness in poetry in loving in living. Many muchly gratitude now alive in this here blogger for all these folks and especially festival organizer Patrick Herron who gave us all this experience and memory. Plain ol' inspiring! And's pouring!


Blogger Carton Tragedy said...

...twere sumo neice photons. Bok is wan dapperisch dood(le).

7:17 PM  
Anonymous jonquil said...

r ewe the rede head or de blonde?

10:23 AM  

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