Friday, May 20, 2005

maid public

For the good folk at Unpleasant Event Schedule went representin' to the New Jersey Lit Mag Fest. This blogger with poet-pal Farah Marklevits and we did have a good ol' time. Got muchly lost on the NJ highway then finally arrived to a packed house. Second library reading o' this blogger's and them's a goodly and interesting crowddrawer! Each poet read for five minutes and 'twas a lot of great range of voices, styles, tones and got to chat and hear read with Shafer Hall and fellow unpleasant eventeur Christian Peet and gots a copy of The LIterary Review and am very excitedly reading it. Muchly recommended. And ran into a former MFA-mate Ben David and followed him in his I want to steal it bright redorange convertible Karmaghia to a place of great falafel, spinach pies and rice.

This evening this blogger's off to read at the Carrboro Poetry Festival. Am very much looking forward to meeting folks with whom I've corresponded, like Patrick Herron, Reb Livingston, and Ken Rumble, and to hearing folks read, esp. Lee Ann Brown and Harryette Mullen. I will bring my digital and this time I promise to report back with photos words and such! Plus, a stop at Athenstown and on to Ma's in Florida. Now, for the three day drive...


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