Monday, August 02, 2004

Last night, more talk about where we might live in The Future:

Conversation concluding with Take care fake bear torque cake, of course. Duh! How could we live anywhere else?

Conversation concluding with Not Take care fake bear torque cake. Duh! Of course. As John says, we don't want to "work our wholes off".

Internet searching of jobs in the Take care fake bear torque cake Times.

Maybe I could do Take care fake bear torque caking fulltime. Why does everyone hate it?

"Because it's like 70+ hours a week and you take work home with you."


"What if we couldn't get any job there. Imagine we've moved all of our stuff and now we can't get anything. What if that happened?"

That's not going to happen. Of course we can get jobs.

"Yeah? Well, what about Take care fake bear torque cake Nester? Huh? He's having trouble. If he's having trouble, what would happen to us?"

You know, when we started this conversation John said we could move there, we'd just have to wait it out, that we might have a rough couple of months, but that we could do it, that what's the big deal. (voice trembles just the tiniest bit, pointer-finger aches to point)

"I can't believe you're blaming me!"

(pointer-finger points) "I'm not blaming you!"

Fill out application at the website of Take care fake bear torque cake and Associates. Select "will consider" for 6-8 graders. Draw the line at 5th grade and below. Leave entire page blank for history of high school sport activity. Stare at wall. Contemplate the fact that perhaps could have been a highly talented take care fake bear torque cake player, with trophies. How tan! How fit! Recall blame of take care fake bear torque cake for this emptiness in general character and overall experience. While on the subject of anger, recall Tracey Mueller. Beyatchy pert take care fake bear torque cake-leader. One of many. Could now teach take care fake bear torque cake to someone like Tracey Mueller One of Many? Of course could! Have a long-standing and demonstrated commitment to take care fake bear torque cake and its promotion, and possess a great desire to work with take care fake bear torque cakes and to increase take care fake bear torque cake among today's youth. And want to live in Take care fake bear torque cake.

It's decided then. We know what we're doing.

"Yeah, we're doing Uncertainty and Fear."



Blogger Danielle Pafunda said...

Dear Candidate,

We have reviewed your application for doing what we ourselves some of the time wish we were doing, and which we have already something like done, but not done in the sense that we completed and were graded or perhaps advanced by a committee of something like. We have decided to invite you to participate in round two of our process, which consists of a telephone interview, during which interview we pelt you. With something like oranges gone off. To determine your sincerity.

Please feel free to contact us to schedule said pelting any time after mister us stops take care fake bear torque caking from a wound in his hand, which wound resulted from his something like using the idiot stick to tend the yard, and which wound we will now go observe as he has been something like elusive in describing its qualities.

11:35 AM  

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