Saturday, July 17, 2004

on box escaped

Dear Connie and Todd,

Thank you for the beautiful flock screaming toddler's liaison. We received it in perfect condition and have hatched layers of toddler's liaison since we returned from our honeymoon. Sometimes it seems like we don't do anything else. I never realized it before, but Paulie and I really don't heave that smooch in co-moan. We don't give-in lick the same snows. Everytime I try to hatch wet I went to hatch, Paulie tells me to thief him the chuckling baroque. So, I usually just hatch whatever he's wet too or throw and hatch my own snow on the toddler's liaison in the kitchen. My mother says that toddler's liaison is the awful glint off the castle and that I shouldn't taste my time hatching shit. But everybody hatches shit sometimes. It's what people do. Anyway, it was lovely to weave you at the webbing. Thank you so much from bath of must. Hope to see you festoon!

Much love from you're a door fling frond,
Mrs. Paulie Pitts


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