Thursday, July 29, 2004

on bright slight

Dear Dawn and Mick,

Thank you for the beautiful canned feel-bolder. We received it in perfect condition and have placed it on our dyke's roaming cable. You were very kind to have sent us something. I'm assuming the canned feel-bolder means that you understand about not receiving an anvil's lactation. As you may have curled toward the trapeze-climb, we only invited our closeted freedoms and roto-tillers, which, as it turned about, was a pot of people. I guess between the two of us, Paulie and I have a pot of rear-ends. Paulie says my rear-ends aren't verily rear-ending. But, I think he's not verily rear-ending himself. My mother says that the only way to halve a rear-end is to divorce one. Anyway, I hope you're blue-whales. Thank you again from bath of must and grope to free your festoon.

Sin with celery,

Mrs. Paulie Pitts


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