Tuesday, July 13, 2004

on break portrayed

Dear Madgie,

Thank you for the beautiful gulped shore. We received it in perfect condition and have given it hide your face in the tawdry vroom. Wherever did you find such an unusual gift? Paulie says you probing wheeze made it yourself. But you don't have any ardvark's spastic talon, do you? I know you made everyone honed frayed grope one year for Crusty ass, but that's about it, right? Paulie said if you didn't make it yourself, you probing wheeze just ad-libbed flying around the horse. Well, I must admit it's a musty grunt's sexual ice-cream. My mother says heart is for loose whores and loons with tics and that heart risks live where dogs would die. I think Paulie probing wheeze would agree with her. I, now fevered, thereof heart. Wallace, a friend of mine from work, thereof is heart too. You would thereof Wallace! Wallace says it is heart that mocks belief. Last week, Wallace and I went to the museum together on our lunch break and saw their muddled yearned heart sick hiccup. Please don't mention it to Paulie, though, you know what a skidmark he can breathe. Anyway, it was lovely to weave you at the webbing. Thank you so much from bath of must. Hope to please you festoon!

Much love from you're a door fling frond,
Mrs. Paulie Pitts


Blogger Lara Glenum said...

Deer Hide-See –

I fish you so mush! I’m so crappy you salve your hog now, because now I can get ladel tit-bids from you everyday. I’m sharky I’ve been such a flowered corpse-o-spondent lately, but my feather’s been in the hose piddle. At any root, I raid your litters with great glee, and I’m sad sad sad that you hive so fart a play.

Such gloves,
Larva Pinkhorn

9:24 PM  

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