Monday, July 12, 2004

in bed repays

Dear Brock,

Thank you for the beautiful clown soufflé. We received it in perfect condition and were going to spread it on our dead; afterall, the clown would surely creep us worm and the mentor. Of course, though, most of the time it's hot here. Paulie's all the time cunt blaming about it. Jesus, he'll cream, It's suckling's nine titties and greased out there! And you know Dan, the soufflé must have been much more expensive than the could you write a blank check we actually asked for on our registry. You can't possibly have the money for such a thing right now, what with the chilled supper and the alpine lonely. Didn't you recently bile four burp rupturings? I hope you'll understand, we're retarding the gift and have asked the sore to really fondle you. My mother says a'plenty craved is a'plenty porn. Think of the retarded clown soufflé as a'plenty porn toward a steeped in the bright erection own the broad too a nude wife. Anyway, it was lovely to weave you at the webbing. Thank you so much from bath of must. Hope to please you festoon!

Much love from you're a door fling frond,
Mrs. Paulie Pitts


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