Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Check it out my bloggerissimo:
pressing on is a publishing initiative started in 2010 by Heidi Lynn Staples, using 'locally thrown' trash and rubber stamps to produce hand-made limited-edition chapbooks of poems first published at Poets for Living Waters.

The idea behind this project originated in response to two impulses. Firstly, the publishing onto fused plastics of poems written in response to the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico fulfills the urge to suggest connections between practices dominating the more-than-human world--specifically linking the widening trash gyre in the Pacific Ocean with Macondo. Secondly, and as a complication, treating the trash as a material with aesthetic potential--transforming it into archived poems--seeks to answer a call by Slavoj Zizek in his lecture "Examined Life" that we refuse the conservative and ideological impulses of ecology and instead find a way to "truly love the world."

The first of these chapbooks will feature "Spill," by Angela Sorby in a limited edition of 3, the number of months the Macondo well let oil into the Gulf of Mexico.