Sunday, November 15, 2009

preparing lists for my comprehensive examinations and found jonathan skinner's article 'poetry animal'. the abstract leads me to believe the article will be a veritable beast, truly beastiful to behold!

if you dunno boundary 2, check out the table of contents:

Charles Bernstein
American Poetry After 1975:

Jim Rosenberg
Bios / The Logosphere / The Finite-Made Evolver Space

Peter Gizzi

Christian Bök
Two Dots Over a Vowel

Lytle Shaw
Docents of Discourse: The Logic of Dispersed Sites

Tracie Morris
Rakim's Performativity

Jennifer Scappettone
Versus Seamlessness: Architectonics of Pseudocomplicity in Tan Lin's Ambient Poetics

Craig Dworkin

Jonathan Skinner
Poetry Animal

Herman Rapaport
A Liquid Hand Blossoms

Kenneth Goldsmith
In Barry Bonds I See the Future of Poetry

Joyelle McSweeney
Disabled Texts and the Threat of Hannah Weiner

Brian Reed
Grammar Trouble

Juliana Spahr
The '90s

Al Filreis
The Stevens Wars

Nada Gordon
Not Ideas about the Bling but the Bling Itself

Marjorie Perloff
"The Rattle of Statistical Traffic": Citation and Found Text in Susan Howe's The Midnight

Elizabeth Willis
Lyric Dissent

Tan Lin

Benjamin Friedlander
After Petrarch (In the Rigging)

A door's navel, yes? The only downside to this journal for anyone currently studying outside the cozy room of academic enrolment: to read what they say, you gotta cough up and pay. If you ask me, that just plain shucks.