Saturday, March 08, 2008

broad abroad

taught the Durcan class. great to get out of the house and into a discussion about poetry. great to spend the hours ahead of time reading and thinking about durcan. so many of these recent days spent packing and unpacking, ironing, washing dishes, ripping wallpaper off walls, that sort of stink.

strange time with regards to identity. permanently residing abroad is altering this blogger's identity, motherhood too. must needs be making more time for poetry too explore these here very things. looking forward to teaching that class in april for the writers' centre.


Blogger Ana Manga said...

I'm sorry for the abrupt approach (damn this constant hurry), but here it is: I'm doing a PhD in digital poetics, specifically on blog writing by women. I research in Loughborough University (UK) and I just - finally - finished my selection of blogs. Yours will be one of them, if you don't object. I'm trying to collect some biographic information on the bloggers. Can you please tell me where you're from?

I know it’ll be an interesting – to say the least – to analyze works that are under construction, on the go, being processed, and mostly, to analyze authors that not only are alive, but are “close” and can see me. But that’s the proposal, and I believe it to be a rich one.

I just created a blog to organize the links and keep contact with the writers. Check it out, if you may: There you can see the list of blogs I'm going to be analyzing during the next 2 years, and you'll find yourself amongst them. Right now I'm drowning in deadlines, but I will very soon update it. Lets keep in touch through our blogs, shall we?

P.S.: This message was forwaded to 8 bloggers.

Personal P.S.: Oh how I’d like to go watch your class in the writers’ centre in Dublin. I’ll actually be in the city in April, until the 12th. So, I'll keep hopes of meeting soon, may I?

3:31 PM  
Blogger Heidi Lynn Staples said...

this is so way cool and i am more than delighted to be included in your analysis. sounds like an exciting project. and please yes yes let's definitely meet up when you're in dublin! i'll try to round up your email now and give you some bio details.

6:04 PM  

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