Saturday, October 01, 2005


O my bloggerissimo, each sentence writ a cage in which to hide or a draft on which to glide?

Spent today final proofin' of Parakeet No. 2, 2005 and am snappy to report our next issue is, happily, as wild a flight bound sing as this here a one on her unsteady lovely weed o' a perch--(this her is, of course, not the cover, just a birdly lit sill of a sing I thought you'd like to see).

I know I speak for not only myself but also my co-editor Deb Olin Unferth when I say we are truly proud of this issue. I'll post more info about this latest when it returns from the away, the on to the printer and the wait. Now to begin reading for issue no. 3 and completing the soon-to-be-launched website.


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