Thursday, September 29, 2005

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"Why must we have a poetry? And who are we? We see now that we are the world and the world is poetry, that words are poetry, while other pieces of the world have other poetries---birds have their songs but also plants have their forms and patternings and the sky has its own look and process: poetry is the surface and texture and play of being, including the light that springs up in things from their depths."

from "Women and Poetry " by Alice Notley, from her new book of essays Coming After

This deft ignition of poetry feels spot on and on and awe to me, bloggerissimo. What about you? Do you think women have or should have a poetry? What women? Or, buttery eggs, what is, my bloggerissimo, poetry?

Poetry seams like a song lyric but is feeling a strong liquorice.
Poetry sees like a song lyric but is feeling a stray locomotive.
Poetry me's like a song lyric but is feeling a startled occupant.


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