Wednesday, November 03, 2004

in the nows

this from a list-serv. (name removed to protect privacy)

> The difference between the exit polls released at
> 5PM Eastern time (Kerry winning by a lot) and the
> hideous outcome this evening is striking.
> One could ask: is there any difference between the
> exit poll / final result discrepancy in
> 1. Precincts that have verifiable votes
> (such as paper ballots and eVoting with a paper
> trail and
> 2. Precincts that have no way to verify
> results (using suspect tools such as Diebold
> eVoting machines).
> Well, guess what, a poster in a progressive blog
> has done a quick test and - lo and behold - in
> precincts where the votes are verifiable, the
> votes fall within the margin of error. But in
> precincts where you cannot verify the vote guess
> what? Bush amazingly gets a five point bump above
> the exit polls. John Kerry would win the
> Presidency handily with those 5 percentage points.
> I am hoping that Mr. Kerry's people pick up on
> this.
> You can read this astonishing discussion at
> This story is something
> that may or may not unfold over the next few days.
> I sure hope it does. The fact is, through nearly
> 30 years of exit polling that I remember, the exit
> polls were spot on. The exit polls called it
> corrrectly in FLA in 2000 - the newspapers
> reported that over 100,000 legal 'over-votes' did
> not get counted. (Nearly 80,000 of those were for
> Gore.)
> Our democracy has been stripped away by the
> eVoting machines - this is where the fight begins.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Nanci, I couldn't log in. As Americans, what are we supposed to do about it? We did nothing the last time we did nothing ended up in war within nine months. I'm ready if someone will just tell me what to do and please don't tell me to write my congressman.

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