Monday, October 04, 2004

the moan behind the cursor

This blogger needs to update her "all codes lead to roam" and put up some photos from her trip to the big ape's fill and just show up more often for word. A few things she's done today, for e.g., instead of showing up on rhyme for whirr:

1: Stand in line at the Department of Finance.
2: Purchase blender.
3. Go to café.
4: Grade WRT205 Annotated Bibliographies.
5. Not grade WRT205 Annotated Bibliographies, with self-delusion that will begin again soon.
6. Very soon.
7. Very soon.
8. Spoon.
9. Have a coffee.
10. Not grade WRT205 Annotated Bibliographies, no self-delusion that will begin again anytime soon.
11. Read Eleni Sikelianos's The Monster Lives of Girls and Boys.
12. Ahh, that's better.
13. The experience of life as experience defined by something other than work & progress too unfamiliar. Go to Y.
14. Stand on a machine and vigorously not walk for a 30 minutes that will never have back.
15. Followed by a stubborn sitting in broken sauna--
16. Wishing for the heat and sand and land and and of the pre-developed Florida panhandle
17. Pondering that yonder in a lukewarm wooden box, big like a friggin' mausoleum--that's another irretrievable 30 minutes.
18. Walk through a swinging door too quickly.
19. Hit a small child with door.
20. Apologize.
21. Though really, the mother should have carried him in there. Or something. Seriously. It's not my fault!
22. Speed away in mini-van.
23. Go to co-op for groceries.
24. Make pea-soup and soda bread.
25. From scratch.
26. OK, the peas were frozen.
27. Pick up John from SU.
28. Have dinner with John.
28. Candles.
29. They're nice.
30. Though they drip on the table.


Blogger chernugent said...

I'll take one daily delusion and a bowl of home-made split pea soup, please.

10:24 AM  
Blogger Heidi Lynn Staples (formerly Heidi Peppermint) said...

i've got a good recipe for the irish pea soup!--onions, bacon (or fakin'bacon) loads-o-butter--fry for a few. then, add your veggie stock and peas, cook and then blender it. viola! easing and pleasing.

8:49 PM  

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