Thursday, February 09, 2006

medbh mcguckian

HLS: What’s your writing process like? I'm wondering how often you write; under what circumstances; starting with a word, image or idea; with or without coffee, that sort of thing.   

MM : My process. I don't see it as process. Sounds too recipe or technical. I want it or need it. Life gets disordered and choked with not saying to anyone as here only confusion words inadequate as tools of exploration. So, I clinically collect images, thoughts, ideas, series of words -- not single. Over a period. Then when I feel I have enough for a page of poetry. I sort them. I sift and shape. There is a dynamic...................

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by Medbh McGuckian

She of the corner burned parting 
Of haunted hair, she burns herself
With the fire of her yoga,
Having taken the sun's permission.

The flames erect a kind of hedge
Of red marriage veil, her soul falls
Naturally into it, to leave the world
Of acts by its silver doorframe

Her skin, that was fair the bright
Fortnight of the month and dark and dark,
Is a mapping of the seasons and odours
And splinters of foot nectar.

Her gravelly voice that is the sign
Of possesson divides from her sacred finger.
One third of her sin is the child-pebble
Worshipped in her heart of hearts,

Her left eye being a careful almond.


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