Tuesday, February 07, 2006

ledger, by susan wheeler

In her third book of poetry, Ledger, Susan Wheeler records “synesthesia . . . and sound, / the junco’s chirp and then the jay’s torn caw, arc / of trucks on the distant interstate, your what the fuck.” Collage, disjunctive syntax, parataxis, and fragmentation invite the reader to take into account the relationship between parts, chart gaps and compute new meaning, and add her own voice in the tally, so that the “bright expanse yields up to You.” Numerous voices of multiple registers and vernaculars gather on the lines and make “the ironic caw of . . . crows flapping.” Old pieces of language have been scavenged and made new from a heap of source texts including..............to read the rest of this blogger's review, click here and then scroll down!


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