Thursday, February 24, 2005

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O my bloggerissmo, hallelu for independent publishing and the diverse poetries it supports! This blogger hath received and is reading with delight The Canary put out, as ye may know, by Joshua Edwards, Anthony Robinson (also of Poetry Dailier) and Nick Twemlow. An absolute favorite is "Introduction" and "The New York School (or: I Grew Ever More Intense" by Kent Johnson--poems unfortunately too long to reproduce here. "Introduction" is the description of a proposed poetry form and "The New York School..." is an example of that form. The mated pair are odd-ball and moving and ever more intense, and the sort of brighly plumed rare birds that quite likely would not have a nest in this world without independent publishing.

Verse hath reviewed The Canary, and O my bloggerissimo, if you haven't read the issue yourself, here's a teary teaser:

by Maggie Nelson

in my dream an angel came
and said, you must spend more time
thinking about the divine, and less time
imagining unbuttoning the prince of blue's pants
at the chelsea hotel.
but what if
the prince of blue's unbuttoned pants
are the divine, I pleaed. so be it she said
and left me alone to sob with my face
against the blue slate floor.


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