Friday, February 04, 2005


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This week, gno sped thru the O's and the Zarks! We did enjoy reading aloud and around the wilds and vernaculars of C.D. Wright . Her's is an inclusive poetics, "where all things visible and invisible commence to swarm." C.D. Wright says in an interview that she comes from a part of Arkansas known for its resistance to group-think joiningness, and this experience manifests itself in Wright's singular and remarkable poetry. I particularly admire and relish Wright's form of feminism in which rather than a victim's complaint, Wright's feminist poetics raises a strong "panegyric to its hole" -- for e.g.:

"Hole of Holes: world in the words of the os, an ode,
unspoken, hole in its infancy, uncuretted, sealed, not yet
yielded, nulliparous mouth, girdle against growth, inland
orifice, capital O, pore, aperture to the aleph, within which
all, the overstocked pond, entrance to vast funnel of silence,
howling os, an idea of beautiful form, original opening,
whistling well, first vortex, an idea of form, a beautiful idea, a
just idea of form, unplugged, reamed, scored, plundered,
unsubduable opening, lightsource, it opens. This changes

While celebrating the holiest howdyiest how-about-a-triste of holes, her poetics respects the male and finds him beautiful and mysterious. Poems doth abound with references to Wright's husband's (poet Forrest Gander) genitals, and gno talked about how one's partner's genitals are indeed topos of the awesome, facts in space & time that do astound--yet rarely do they get specific mention in poems. Yes, this blogger doth revel in Wright's elevation of the profane into the sacred! Gno found hilarious, touching and provocative the poems "What No One Could Have Told Them" and "Detail from What No One Could Have Told Them" in whch Wright elevates to poetry the fact of her son's peeing in a guests paperplate while having a good ol' sunlit romp.

And as a Girl's Night Out Organization, we did especially cheer at the sequence of "Girl Friend" poems and contemplated whether we would indeed ever proclaim:

"Let's nurse one another's babies
...even before

We tell what we've been reading."


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