Wednesday, January 12, 2005

maid public

Hello my bloggerissimo! This blogger's body hath done its work and so thinketh she's back on her feets. Well, gluttually, back on her arse at the compute here.

Anythewho what when and where, this blogger's poems can be found in the exciting company of art by Amy Kohut, poems by Christopher Nealon, Arda Collins, Brian Henry, Graham Foust, this blogger's own self, Julie Doxsee, Kate Greenstreet, Kathleen Ossip, Mark DuCharme, Nathan Hoks, Eric Elshtain, Julia Cohen, Standard Schaefer, Michael Ruby, Barry Schwabsky, Carolyn Guinzio, Elizabeth Switaj, Carrie Hein, Betsy Wheeler, Michael Schavio, Joseph Bienvenu, Estela Eaton, Christopher Tonelli; and book reviews of Dan Beachy-Quick and Deborah Meadows, Sagawa Chika, Robyn Schiff, and William Waltz. All this at the current issue of GutCult.


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