Saturday, January 01, 2005


Conpubelations to Lara Glenum! She who has written THE HOUNDS OF NO and thusly to "Hang Sentimentality on the gallows of Emergency..." has been selected as the first release of
a press to be launched by that action packed literary duo o' dynamoes Joyelle McSweeney and Johannes Goransson.

Here 'tis a taster, a teaser o' THE HOUNDS OF NO:


We need some beef-relief. I think we’ll drink
His cream. I think we’ll starve & roseate
A morphic resonance the size (I think)
Of die. Swans can cream, too, inebriate

Of why. Do only we disjoin our lungs?
Will the howls overreach me before we
Can take off our skin & let it be hung
On a mannequin, spritely fitted? “I

Traffic no cadavers,” said the owl
& ate my demi-monde. (“Why go trilling
Into? & spuriously creaming!?”) Our skull-bowl
Is a fountain of electrodes, killing

Nothing, nothing. If he is swan & roseate,
We ovulate skeletons & language cremate.

O conpubelations Lara! Hurray! Hurrah! HerLara!


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