Sunday, September 26, 2004

maid public

hey howdy all ye gyrations! ifen you've got a mot mot, give a lookie cookie for this blogger today at Poetry Daily


Blogger Victoria Chang said...

Oh No! You changed your name! We (poets) loved your name before--it's actually come up in conversation a few times when we read somewhere you won the New Issues prize (my friend did too). Bummer. Well, I hope it got a good funeral.

8:54 AM  
Blogger Heidi Lynn Staples (formerly Heidi Peppermint) said...

Ye are so kind! 'Peppermint' 'twas a candy life and moniker, and I know I speak for meaning when I say that 'Peppermint' mot a lot to me. Ah, yes 'twas a said day. All mourners are invited to visit the gravesite:

The good Love took her away. And on that day, a smiles wildly was born and her name was Staples.

7:33 AM  

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