Thursday, August 19, 2004

in the nows

Alright, ol' chaps, this just send:

"3rd Bed is currently accepting submissions of chapbook length (minimum of around 15 pages) poetry selections for possible inclusion in our Winter 2004 issue (#11). Please submit work by September 13. Chapbook submissions are being reviewed via email only. Please use the email title Chapbook Submission Your Name and send to the poetry editors: Please see back issues or our general guidelines at 3rd bed for aesthetic and tone. Some previously published work is OK but an acknowledgements page naming published poems must be included with submission. The poetry editors are also very open to reviewing mixed-genre work." --Andrea Baker

Yes, "This bed’s just right."
Check out this nice lil' history of 3rd bed. Cleans up nice for an absurdist, don't he?

ah-ha hurrah, that's it in the nows tonight.


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