Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Last weekend, at the invitation of Joseph Woods and Patti White, UGA Poetry Bus headed down to Tuscaloosa for the Slashpine Poetry Hike and a reading in the Cahaba Wildlife refuge. UGA sent Lily Brown, Jessie Eisenmann, Laura Leidner, Claire Paffenhofer, John Stovall, Drew Wright, and myself for some am maze singing Outdoor Poetry Experience Nutrition (OPEN) [my spill ye acronym].
The first OPEN was a filming of poetry offerings, organized by Patti White and Joseph Wood at the Cahaba Wildlife Refuge. All aglimmer and noon a purple glow gleam glam film fish flesh nests friends winds lush shush and stir whirr land's word. Sod tomes whirr bade wide all. We shared the air with many fine multitudes. Gratitudes.


Blogger Unknown said...

looks like so much fun!

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Blogger Heidi Lynn Staples said...


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Blogger Unknown said...

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