Sunday, August 23, 2009

Winsome You Loose Some

Here's a poem written in an effort to score Warsaw Bikini by Sandra Simond thru Bloof Books. Requires writing something responding to one of her poems and posting. I choose Blowing Kisses from an Underwater Cave..

Blowing Kisses from Customs

Are you bringing with you:
a. rowed inside strewn barely, formed, fore splayed why?
b. sleep dotting lose some night dawn’s country?
c. your needs guarding a waterfall you’d rather caterwaul?
d. tsk tsk?
Yes. I declare all my bad behaviors, these include 1. axe

2. grind. 3. Memories
fright the coroners 4. Of my mind,

the ends if by the means 5. My burden
too cavalier 6. That monkey owns my back-when.

7. Those were going to be the those-were-the-days!
8. The attrition of my laughter who is as sleep,

9. like I’m what you might call broken arted 10. nothing
11. to declare-- 12. Lust say it: 13. You must change. 14. You’re life.